Services & Fees

Out-of-state samples are accepted!

Routine Diagnosis, $50 

  • Traditional methods of symptom analysis and microscopic examination.
  • Certain serological tests are included when applicable.

Routine Diagnosis plus culture / serological, $65 

  • Fees may vary if additional specialized media is required.
  • Serological fees vary by number of samples, number of host plants, and number of tests per sample

Oak Disease Analysis (white and bur), $85 

This includes:

  • Examination of foliage and bark for diseases and pests
  • Removing bark to check for insect tunnels
  • Wood culture* and DNA test for Oak Wilt**

*Wood cultures typically take 1-3 weeks.

**Current research recommends DNA testing for white and bur oaks.  DNA testing is also recommended for red oaks that have dry wood and/or many insect tunnels.

Tree wilt tests by wood culture, $65 

  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Verticillium wilt
  • Red Oak for Oak Wilt

Nematode Analysis, $50 

  • Identification and count of plant parasitic nematodes for all commercial crops.

Virus Analysis (availability depends on virus being tested for, please call/email before sending samples)

  • ELISA and other serological virus tests, $50
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), $300


Turf Disease Diagnosis (currently unavailable)

If you need turf disease diagnosis, please check with the University of Wisconsin Madison Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab

Molecular Diagnostics: Please contact the Clinic for specific information and fees ($100 minimum).  There are discounts for multiple samples.

  • DNA and RNA based assays
  • DNA sequencing and sequence analysis

Testing Seeds for Storage Mold, $75

  • Identification of storage molds on APDA and salt media.

For information on other tests, projects, or specific sampling requirements contact: Plant Disease Clinic 612-625-1275

Please note: To comply with federal policy, we cannot accept marijuana samples.